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How To Play

This explanation assumes that players are on an indoor court. Play begins with one player serving and one receiving. The server stands in the service zone between the two solid lines(the service line and the short line).

The receiver stands behind the dotted line or receiving line. For the serve there a few requirements for a fair serve:

Two faults in a row cause the players to switch. If the ball hits the floor before the front wall, the server loses their serve and the receiver becomes the server.

After the ball is in play, players take turns hitting the ball into the front wall. The ball may only bounce once before the current player hits the ball back into the front wall. The ball is not required to hit the floor. The player can hit the ball off any wall, including the front wall, as long as the ball has only bounced once. Rallies, as this back and forth are called, continue until a player faults or fails to hit the ball before the second bounce.

If the receiver misses the ball, the server gets a point and continues to serve. If the server misses the ball, the two players switch places and the new server has a chance to score points. Only the player who has served the ball and won a bout can score points. The game continues until one player scores 15 points. Usually if both players are at 14 points, a win by two points rule is put into effect.

Doubles Game

Racquetball can be played with four people on the court. Players will be broken up into teams. One group starts out in the service box with one player standing in either one of the boxes on the side by the wall. The receiving team may stand where ever they please, as long as both players are behind the receiving line. After the ball is served, players are free to move around as they please.

The first serve, the team only gets one serve between the two players. The rest of the game both players on both teams are allowed to serve as long as they continue to score.

Cut-throat Games

Cut-throat is similar two forms of games, except it is played with three people who are all on their own team. One player begins in the service box, the other two players stand behind the receiving line. Once the ball is in play, the server and receivers will take turns hitting the ball. The two receivers must hit the ball once between the two players to keep play going. Again, play ends when one player reaches 15.