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This site is dedicated to informing and educating the viewers on the fun and exciting game of racquetball. Several general topics are covered in this site that will be helpful to beginners. There is a list of the rules for the game, basic introduction on game play and a description on how different game types.

Also included in this site are a list of basic and more challenging shots for both beginners and intermediate levels of players. Advanced players may find some things on this site of benefit, but if you're advanced you probably know all of the info on this site.

Racquet Goggles
Shoes Ball

What you need

The equipment necessary for playing is minimal which includes:

Most courts will have racquets and balls for rent, but be sure to call ahead to find out. Goggles are always a good idea as accidents happen, and they are called accidents for a reason. A good pair of shoes will help prevent injury and increase a players ability to get to the ball

Why Racquetball?

Racquetball is a great sport for all, young or old, fit or not yet fit. The level of play is determined by the individual. Starting with beginners, you can practice by yourself on serves as well as shots, this will be covered in more detail in the Shots page. Once a player feels comfortable with their shot, a casual game is the next step. Games can be active and intense, or calm and relaxing. It all depends on the racquet speed.

Every time I go to the court, I always see players in their fifties, sixties, and even seventies playing racquetball. Not only are these women and men playing, but they're usually winning. With years of practice under their belt, its no problem for them to get to where the ball is going to be and return it where it needs to go. It's inspiring and encouraging to be involved in a sport that can be played for someone's whole life.

And the best part is, you get a great workout without realizing it. Click here to see how many calories you can burn

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