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There are numerous excellent Web sites about the paleo diet and the autoimmune protocol.
Below are some of my favorites.

Robb Wolf
Robb Wolf offers simple explanations of the paleo diet and the autoimmune protocol. He also has an impressive collection of testimonials from people who are successfully managing their autoimmune symptoms via the paleo lifestyle.
The Paleo Diet
This is the Web site of the paleo diet's founder, Dr. Loren Cordain. Dr. Cordain offers considerably more technical explanations of the paleo diet and his recommendations are generally more strict than others in the field.
The Paleo Mom
Hands-down the most comprehensive coverage of the autoimmune protocol. Oddly, most of her recipes don't follow her own advice. Watch for the release of her book in 2014.
Start With a Clean Plate
My favorite Web site for AIP-friendly recipes. Created by Christina Feindel, an autoimmune sufferer who found significant healing by following the autoimmune protocol.
Autoimmune Paleo
Another good Web site for AIP-friendly recipes and all things autoimmune paleo.


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