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What's Up in the Sky

  June marks the beginning of summer for us here in the northern hemisphere. The first day of summer will start on June 21, that's called the summer solstice. There is some very exciting events happening in April and May that are well worth braving the cold nights for, as long as the skies are clear.


  One of these events is the observation of Saturn on April and May. On April 28 Saturn will be the brightest and closest to the earth. This year Saturn will reach its lowest angle of tilt to the earth sense the year 2006. This will give everyone on earth an excellent view of Saturn's rings. Saturn can be seen around the constellation of Virgo, near the bright star Spica.


  The other event is the observation of Jupiter, it can be visible from the beginning of spring through summer. Jupiter can be seen along with its four main moons near the constellation of Taurus. Many of these evenings, our moon can be seen in the same area as Jupiter, making a spectacular pair of night time objects to view.

The End of the Earth

  There have been several predictions include many different causes of the end of the World, or the 2012 phenomenon. Theories ranging from "Mesoamerican Long Count calendar" to "New Age Interpretation".

Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar

  The Mayan calendar is arranged into several rings, nested one inside the other. The Maya keep track of days, years and most important religious periods or cycles (known to the Maya as b'ak'tun). The Maya would celebrate the end of one cycle because that would mean that there would be another cycle. The end of the cycle that we are in is expected to end on December 21, 2012. Thus many people believe that the world will come to and end, when indeed the Maya believed that the cycle would end. Thus they would be around for the next cycle, or there would be another cycle. According to the Mayan calendar we have passed through thirteen to seventeen cycles (or b'ak'tun).

New Age Beliefs

  Many new age beliefs stem from the ancient Maya wisdom and other documents or sources. Some of these documents include the Bible and others. New age doomsday beliefs range from a galactic alignment, super massive Black holes, geomagnetic pole reversals, to a cosmic impact from planet X also known as "Nibiru".