Useful Apps & Sites


All of these sites and applications are worth looking into, especially if you plan to do your
trip "on the fly" as I did. Some of these I figured I'd need before I left and some I picked up
from other travelers along the way, so check it out.

Useful Apps

Here's a list of the Apps I used the most often during my trip. Most are self-explanatory or
worth looking into, especially Talkatone which uses Google Voice. (Assuming you set it up
in the U.S., it will think you're making a local call, meaning call back home will be free!)


EasyJet, Wizz Air, and Ryannair are all cheap "local" airline companies in Europe but they make their money on baggage fees and serving airports out in the boonies so be wary of where they actually fly (might cost the same amount of time and money to just take the train directly). Also be careful of how early your flight leaves, as not all trains/busses will get you there in time....


HostelBookers and are both great sites. One will charge you a booking fee and the other won't but they don't always list the same hostels. I had enough people recommend to me to use CouchSurfing and I did use it in Helsinki and it was wonderful but check out the sites and do what you're comfortable with.

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