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We understand how important your leisure activities are and offer a variety of unique sailing experiences to suit your needs that cannot be duplicated by pre-packaged vacations offered to the masses.
Whether you are new to sailing and want to learn the basics, have sailed and want to experience the live-aboard life, or want to sail on your​ own, West Palm Beach Sailing Adventures can provide a memorable vacation package for you.

Minari Family On Mulligan


A little about us...

The Minari Family has been sailing through south east Florida for years, and when Marty Minari met Mari Labus he decided to take her along for the ride.

Mari had been living in the Rocky Mountains for many years before Marty convinced her to turn south. Neither have looked back since. They decided to turn what they love in to a business in January of 2013 and hope to convince others that the sailing life is the best life.
When choosing West Palm Beach Sailing you are choosing a laid back but informative experience with some of the most down to earth people you have ever met. Always quick to a joke, Marty Minari is your well informed Capitan. First Mate Mari Minari is always there to keep things in order and your drink full.




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