A Bit of Francophilia



Francophone Literature

Jean-Paul Sartre
Born in 1905 in Paris, France he is most known for his work on existentialism.
  • La Nausée, 1938
  • Le Mur, 1938
  • L'Etre et le néant, 1943
are probably his most well-known works in which his theory about existentialism is discussed. Existentialism basically states that each person is an individual first and creates there own morals and values.
Aimé Césaire
One of the originial authors of the negritude movement (African youth movement of being proud of being African--same period of time as the civil rights movement in the United States) and outspoken on his viewpoints of French colonialism in Africa
  • Une Saison au Congo, 1974
  • Une Tempete, 1969
  • Cahier d'un retour au pays natal, 1956
offer an insight into his philosophy and world viewpoint.
Azouz Begag
Born in Lyon in 1957 to immigrant Algerian parents, he has written several books and is involved in the French government. Some of his works
  • Le gone du Chaâba, 1986
  • Béni ou le Paradis privé, 1989
  • Zenzela, 1997
focus on the effects of growing up in marginalized areas of cities where culture and religion play a role in the ability to acculturate into mainstream society.
Mariama Bâ
Born in 1929 in Senegal, she examines feminism from the viewpoint of traditional African culture and ideologies. Her works
  • Une si longue lettre, 1981
  • Les chantes éclarates, 1986
  • La fonction politique des littératures Africaines écrites, 1981
discuss the need to reexamine beliefs that are contrary to the equitable treatment of women both in the home and in society.