A Bit of Francophilia



Francophone Tourism

Tahiti Tahiti Tahiti image
When I think of Tahiti I think of paradise: warm, clear-blue water, island breezes, tropical fruit, huts over the waters. This group of islands also offers mountainous areas, coral reefs, lagoons and various outdoor activities. Back in the 16th century, explorers happened across French Polynesia which is located out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Moutiny on the Bounty was inspired by real-life events in which Captain James Cook refused to leave the islands.
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Morocco is located in Northwest Africa with the Atlantic on the west and the Mediterranean on the North. It is a constitutional monarchy and is believed to be one of the most liberal Muslim countries of the world. Major cities such as Rabat, Marrakesh, and Casablanca are located toward the outside of its borders whereas the interior geography boasts plains, deserts, and mountains. Their vast roaming bazaars offer at a price everything under the sun.
Château Frontenac Chàteau Frontenac Tahiti image
Inhabited by indigeneous people before French and English explorers reached North America, Quebec has a rich history. After the French arrived and discovered the fur trade, the English came and gained control at which point they chased out the Acadiens. The Acadiens made their way down to Louisiana and are now known as the Cajuns. Everyone has heard of the Titanic, but Quebec has its own steamliner tragedy. The Empress of Ireland sank in the Saint Lawrence river. There were 1,477 people on board; 1,012 died. That's eight more people who lost their lives than during the Titanic tragedy. Montreal is the second largest Francophone city in the world. Recently it has seen a surge in immigration and has voted three times, unsuccessfully, to gain the sovereignty from the rest of Canada.
Space Center Guiana Space Center Tahiti image
French Guiana is the only non-independent area of South America; it is a overseas department of France. It was first the sight of notorious prisons which have been shut down, but that can be toured. Ninety percent of the population lives around the coast while the rest of the country remains an unsettled wilderness. Ecotourism has begun to expand offering guided tours into its jungles or excursions to islands where you can see their nesting turtles.