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       About Lotus Yoga

      The Lotus Yoga Studio has been in business eleven years this coming November. With our faithful staff we have had the pleasure of getting to know our students on a personal level and even brought many experienced yogis to become gurus with our Guru teaching program.

     Our new addition to the studio, the East Wing is currently open for business! Stop in anytime for a free tour of the facilities! We love showing off our beautiful new hardwood flooring and decor. Please note: there are no shoes allowed in the facilities. Shoe storage is available in the main lobby or you are welcome to store your footwear in the locker area behind Room 2 - Oasis Room. Also please remember that our facility puts rejuvination and concentration at the highest importance so please silence all cell phones and remain reverent throughout the studio.

Contact Us!

We are located on the south side of Timber Road East of Tommy's Restaurant, sharing the parking lot with Anne's Herbals.
Our office hours are: Monday through Friday 7am-5pm. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

Sarah Irish c/o Lotus Yoga Studio
3412 S. Timber Road
Loveland CO 80544

Office: (970)555-5763


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