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Advice & Tips

Here at Lotus Yoga we always follow the 'honor your body' rule. Safety is extremely important no matter what physical activity you are participating in. Always remember to pay attention to what your body needs and not pushing yourself too far. Flexibilty and endurance comes from practice, patience and time.

yoga mat

The first step is to invest in a yoga mat. These are made from a very special material that helps you to grip the mat and keep you from slipping while holding poses. Do NOT in any case, use a towel at a mat as it can lead to serious injury.



Staying hydrated is also a must with any workout. The average person should consume up to 8 glasses of water a day. Don't let appearances fool you, yoga can be an extremely taxing workout and pausing to drink is an essential part of your routine. It is also advised that you carry a drink with you that contains electrolytes and will keep an electric charge in your body fluids you can lose when you sweat.


Another good idea is to use a blanket. Folded it can give you support and make poses more stable and stretches deeper. It also advised to use the blanket to cover yourself at the end of each session to keep your body warm and relaxed as it begins the healing process


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