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How to Eat Pho

Pho is a dish that is best when it is tailored to your personal taste preference. To help with this, condiments are provided on the table and additional garnishes will be brought to you by your server.

When the soup arrives, the first thing you should do is taste the broth. This is where most of the flavor is. If you decide that you want to make any changes to the flavor, make them gradually. Each item that is added to the broth should be checked after each addition until the flavor profile suits your tastes.

girl eating pho

The following condiments will be at your table:

Garnishes that will be brought to your table by your server:

Additional condiments available upon request:

How to Eat Our Rice Noodle Bowl

This dish is basically a "noodle salad". Each dish is served with rice noodles on top of a bed of veggies. The noodles are topped with the meat of your choice. You will also be brought a small bowl of our homemade fish sauce. The sauce can be poured over the rest of the ingredients like a salad dressing. Toss and enjoy.

How to Eat Our Steamed Rice Plate

This plate of food is also served with a small bowl of fish sauce. You can dip the meat that you order in the sauce or you can pour the sauce over the rice. The choice is yours.

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